DVYNS was able to rank Dental House high in the first month and have for most of the competitive keywords. Our calls and booked appointment increased significantly.
Fady S.
Business Developer

Dental House - Michigan, USA

Service provided

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • On-page optimization.
  • Weekly fresh optimized content.
  • Genuine backlinks from high authority domains.
  • Local search optimization.
  • Local listing optimization (such as: Google My Business).

2- Campaigns (Paid Advertising):

  • Google Ads (Multiple Campaigns).

3- Website Re-Design for Better UX (User Experience)

  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Reduced bounce rate.

Dental House MI

The Challenge:

Dental House as a local business with many competitors around their service area had big challenge to rank in most cometitive keywords and outrank the other dental offices.

Some of their services and certain competitive keywords were not showing on Google search results page. They tried other marketing service providers but they didn't overcome this challenge. That's why Dental House got in touch with us to be their digital marketing service provider for SEO and paid advertising.

Their SEO strategy needed a complete overhaul. From target keywords to a detailed content plan, Dental House worked with DVYNS to achieve not only a significantly higher ranking in their targeted locations, but to also acquire organic traffic through unique content marketing strategies.

87 percent organic traffic
Significant Increase in Organic Traffic

The results of our work:

We ran in-depth analysis for Dental House website and all of their online presence to find where is their strength and weakness. We based all our digital marketing work for them on data analysis. As a result, Dental House was able to achieve:

  • First-Page results on target keywords & longtail keywords.
  • Ranked across multiple geographical locations.
  • Significant bounce rate improvement.